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Originally Posted by Rudy540 View Post
Have any of you guys been to china and really gotten inside knowledge how things are ran over there, the last country I would support is China, my dad goes over there atleast once a year to train those monkeys. And trust me u don't even wana know what he tells me, he has taken his situation so far when he goes shopping for clothing, he looks at tags and doesn't buy anything that says, Made In China. These days buying USA made products are nearly collectables for me. Maybe 5% of the stuff they make might be somewhat good quality, but I would rather not bust my ass off figuring that out. How smart they are does not relate how good of quality there products are, there most concern is how much money they can make doing the least amount of effort, let alone how fast can they take over the world.

Let me ask u this, would u have any pride working as a regular employee In a manufacturing company getting paid a couple dollars per month to go home and barely be able to keep ur family from starving. Or would u want to see thousands of Chinese with open toe sandals, working on "quality" products we buy.

There one of the reason why our state is now so f'd up now.

I'm not talking first hand guys so I won't be throwing out quotes. But from my dads 20+ years of engineering and going over seas experience. I wish it was him typing this first hand but I have forgotten most of the stuff he tells me.

In my opinion, if I want sumtn made of quality, trust me china will be the last place ill be looking at

I will be asking him to refresh my memory

U have every right to be upset trizzuth
^^ this guy knows what he is talking about! I'd love to hear first hand accounts of what it is like over there from your dad. Tell him to write something up, then copy and paste it here!

Meyle Rotors seem ~ok~ so far knock on wood, but already on a few hard highway stops I sense a slight vibration. I really hope their quality department has done their job.
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