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Originally Posted by choxor View Post
Part out, sell your car, take that money that you would put towards the swap into a car with less miles.

The swap makes no financial sense unless you just dumped a load of money completely refreshing your current car's maintenance and even then it's questionable. If you just want to do it for the experience then go for it. If you plan on keeping this car for quite a few more years then go for it. Personally I'd just sell it.
My car has been maintained pretty well, but I'm trying to avoid using this as my decision maker in the swap. I'll probably just keep the car how it is until the trans blows or at least a couple more years and then sell it. I'm sure I'll regret saying this, but this trans has always felt so strong to me when compared to other vehicles. It surprises me how much actually end up failing. I wish there were signs prior to failure. I hope I just get lucky with this one and have it last all the way to 230k like the user earlier in this thread.
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