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Originally Posted by Torshizzle View Post
Please update this post with tips and anything
I'm saving up to get those colored but that installation looks brutal, especially the part of running it through the cabin
Honestly, it wasn't as bad as i thought. The only part that frustrated me was getting the wires through the headlight assembly because you kind of need small hands but luckily I had a 2nd person to help. The wires in the cabin was really easy. Just feed the same wires down with the yellow wire for the remote turn on and feed the color changing one through the back of the foot well. I wish I took pictures but I just wanted to get the job done at the point. I took out the gear shifter knob/boot and the assembly with the heated seats on it and such. I used power from the cigarette lighter and put the remote in that eyeglass holder thing on the top. I'll take pictures of that since it took my forever to figure out where that goes and I hope your install goes easier.
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