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Originally Posted by jchuillier View Post
Painbreak, did you have the chance to test Charles update vs the forum one ?

Not yet.

I did tear into it a little last night, and found that practically everything is the same as before. The build.prop is different (DPI is 145 in this one, vs 160 in the one currently on the system) and the framework.jar is different. Beyond that, not much else has changed.

I've been hesitant for a couple of reasons, as there's a >0% chance this will brick my radio. I noticed it's rewriting the recovery partition, for some unknown reason. I'm fairly certain nothing has changed with the recovery image, so I'd have to guess these are just the default options after they hit the "Create an update" button. But, it's concerning, to say the least, that it would be attempting to do this.

Forgive me, if the level of trust is lacking a bit.

Originally Posted by jchuillier View Post
And another good news from our great testing friends at ENCO....

First the good news, my cable is fixed, the sound works....1 wire cut (ground for FL speaker) and 1 wire misplaced in the loom (the blue one that comes from the antenna and that goes to amp ctrl).

Then the bad news, with the DTV antenna provided by them, the unit won't fit in the car because the DTV antenna sticks out and hits the fan duct.....I wonder how they can run a business so unprofessionally....
Bad ass. Glad you got it working! And'd definitely not get any sound with the blue wire not working. That's the factory amp's "remote turn-on."
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