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Originally Posted by Raymond42262 View Post
No, but he has forgotten his roots.
Rather, he remembers them all to clearly

He clearly recounts his experience and gratitude to Republicans of a Republican party that no longer exists and that has left him and many like him in the dust as it has marched relentlessly to the right for the past 20-30 years to where it is today, a party where right wing extremists have a inordinate sway over the more sober and pragmatic elements of the party.

I suspect he, as have many other less radical and ideaologic Republicans, has tried to console greater moderation, pragmatism, cooperation and reasonableness over the years, obviously to no avail. I imagine it is only out of anguish and frustration that he, and an increasing number of other more moderate Republicans, feel compelled to speak out, not to undermine the party (its the far right wing elements doing that) but rather, to bring it back more into the American mainstream and make it again and into the future a viable, relevant part of American politics, to save it from a fate as a fringe party of old and bitter white southerners.

It's not one person Powell has a gripe with but rather, what the whole party has become of late, so it is very appropriate of him to speak of and to the party as a whole. Working behined the scenes is appropriate, up to a point, but that point has long since past and to withhold his views from a broader audience at this point would only be to silently condone and enable what he sees as so wrong with his party today.

Dissenting voices within the GOP are not only stifled for not being team players, or even as apostates to the rigid idealogy of today's GOP, but are actively and openly disparaged and dismissed as RINOs. Is it any wonder he has no avenue left but to speak outside closed doors?

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