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Originally Posted by jared_wiesner View Post
Ok, well I definitely know the GAS kit works. Hmm, there is very little room for error when setting those pistons with it too. It's always possible that somehow the cam sensor got damaged during the install but seems unlikely. It's really hard to know where to start. From what I gather, that code is suggesting the exhaust cam is too far advanced out of range. In other words, the computer has is seeing the exhaust cam as too far retarded to bring back within tolerance using vanos because it started too far in the advanced position. Or maybe I'm backwards and it started too far retarded and can't be advanced enough. Either way something is off or the sensor is not reading right. The only thing that differed from my install is the Vanos seals. Did everything go well there? Anything that maybe didn't work the way you expected?

My other thought is maybe the chain tensioner tool wasn't set up right and over/under tensioned the chain and threw off the timing?
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