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Originally Posted by CK325 View Post
well, got the codes read (finally). Came back with P0171, P0174, P1512, and P1515.
Ok so I have been doing some thinking and I retract my fuel pump theory.

P1512 points to a faulty idle actuator which would mean that your idle valve is either broken, stuck, or both. Clean this thing out and it may go back to normal. If it is stuck open, it would explain why you are stalling out at idle and when you push the clutch in (engine goes to idle). It is allowing more air into the engine than fuel is being injected therefore giving you the lean condition on both banks. The ICV works post MAF so the air isn't being properly metered. If cleaning doesn't work, get a new one either from the dealership or a junkyard.

P1515 points to a throttle position sensor fault. This may be related to a faulty ICV so I'd start there and see where it takes you before dealing with this.

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