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The forum isnt dead, its just full of a bunch of inexperienced fools for the most part(there are still a few that know what they are talking about). They go ahead and regurgitate what others say whether its right or wrong. If you go and post in General Forums be prepared for the BS that follows. The flavor of the week is currently "Maintenance", and the answer to How do I go about doing "insert anything here" is always, replace your cooling system or replace your entire suspension, if you dont have the money to do it then sell the car cause your cant afford it and are probably a college kid who doesnt deserve a BMW anyhow. It kinda sucks but its what we are stuck with. There is a lot of info here allready. Searching for old threads keeps you from pulling your hair out when peanut gallery responds to your tire vibration problem with "Your suspension is shot, spend 2000$ and replace the entire suspension"

Good Luck

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