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The one thing I love about my dad heading over there dude is the fact that he bring me back stuff for literally 80% off what we pay here. Stuff that I wouldn't really worry too much about quality, but worth the money lol, some with very unnoticeable defects from very popular retailers known here and some just simply made in china unknown crap lol

Just yesterday I bought a stupid iPhone 5 charger from amazon, looks completely identical to the real deal right, piece of crap won't even go in the phone, perfect examples of there products. Obviously not as important as if I was buying sumtn for my bimmer but regardless the price it all falls under the same concept, tolerances in there products are so open that its identical to making product by hand using play-dough

Not that long ago I bought my umnitza angel eyes v2 for my coup, completely smell like china, cost them probably less than 15$ to manufacture, including the harness, I had no other choice but to buy them for 180$, is 180$ a reasonable price, heck no, but most of the time u just can't get around china made crap

If u ask me, the only good thing about them is there women, now there u can't go wrong

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