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I remember the good ole days when Kpeng posted the muffler delete mod etc and people did it and didn't bitch about it. If someone did that now all they would get is "that's dumb, it won't make your car faster, so don't do it, spend the money on maintenance" or "keep it stock".

I'm a ex auto mechanic who got his engineering degree. I also know what I'm talking about for the most part. Maybe that's why I get annoyed anymore when people post the regurgitated stuff.

When I was younger, if all people said was this stuff I would have never became a car guy. I had lots of positive experiences and good mentors. Dmax, mango and the rest of the guys who actually know what they are talking about, lets do just that, be a good mentor to these younger guys and teach them, be positive, and let them learn by their own mistakes. Don't just be a jerk and say replace everything or why don't you just search.

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