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Hey, guess what, guys! I applied the update from Charles, and...it didn't fix the GPS speed bug!

But, in a round-about way, it did fix the problem with iGO telling me it didn't support my resolution. It did this by setting the DPI to 145 from the default of 160.

Oh, and it also broke the Google Framework Services. It crashed 2 to 3 times every startup. However, I was able to resolve that by clearing the data from the Google Framework Services, and then installing the update.zip that provides root, that was linked earlier in the thread. After that, I was able to rename the current /system/framework/framework.jar to framework.jar.old, and copy in the framework.jar that I modified to resolve the GPS speed bug.

After all of that... I can now use iGO with the built-in GPS. Although I have found that iGO has a time zone bug (I'm GMT-6 and it's showing GMT for some reason), so if I leave at 1pm for a 30 minute trip, it tells me I will arrive at 7:30pm. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm.... Buggy. That's not the fault of Enco, though, that's an iGO problem.

So, here's the skinny.
1. Don't install the patch from Charles. It's worthless.
2. Root your 4.0.4 radio with the update.zip posted here: http://www.mediafire.com/?cj853v4gzn66i2o
3. Use one of the many DPI switchers on the market to change your DPI to 145 rather than 160
4. Enjoy iGO? I guess?
5. Realize that the driver for the GPS is still broken, because it doesn't report accuracy data via GetAccuracy(), so Google Navigation will not work until that is somehow fixed.
6. I will post my framework.jar for people who want to replace theirs, and get the proper groundspeed, as it fixes the GetSpeed() bug. This is dangerous, requires you to be rooted, and can break your radio. You are warned. Custom framework.jar to fix speed being 1.852% faster than normal.

Charles, you're a dick.
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