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Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
Here's an update from my workout tonight with a friend of mine.

Here is a pic that was supposed to be a video of a 450 lb. dead lift for 3 reps:

Here is a photo of me doing pull-ups with 70 lbs. of extra weight:

...and here is the video of 22 STRICT pull-ups after 4 sets of 7 with 70 lbs., heavy dead lifts and heavy bench pressing. No kipping or half-assed kipping movements. No lower body upward momentum assistance at all. My PR is 35 fresh!

Check out this video on YouTube:

Have at it boys!!!

I was half kidding when I said that I wasn't impressed. Your buddies' numbers ARE insane. I can't even imagine doing pull-ups with nearly my own body weight. I have a hard time jumping up to the bar with 90 lbs. between my legs. Any vids?
Great work.

It feels good to know you have clowns at your gym too. That dude in the yellow

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