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DME help

Hello guys.
Total Noob here. I am here with a much more pressing question regarding a non existent DIY for simply being able to use a "used" MS43 DME to match my EWS's rolling code. This way i can drive my car without spending an arm and a leg.

my questions are the following.

1) how can i backup (dump) my in-car DME so i have the rolling codes for my in-car DME. I don't mind it if it take place on bench or though ODBII cable

2) swap the EEPROM (which one) from my Old DME to ebay "Used" DME so it matches my EWS rolling codes and i can drive the car. (is this possible?)

3) use an in-circuit EEPROM programmer to replace the "Used" DME .bin file with my old DME's .bin file. So the rolling codes match and I can drive my car. (is this possible)

4) How can you bring a used DME to "Virgin state" so you can just active and program it through DIS.

I am not a very rich e46 owner and just trying to stay an informed one.

at least one more person in the thread had the DME and EWS error. So it just might help him too.

I can do the DME/ EWS sync using DIS as long i have the codes correct in both system..

please help out.

Thanks for your help in advance.

I posted here because everyone seemed to be the most informed here about DME or an e46.

Thanks !

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