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#1: Don't be the party that talks about claiming to be fiscally conservative. BE fiscally conservative. This should be the most important mantra, because they talk about fiscal conservatism a lot, and put it in action rarely.

#2: Stop talking about vaginas. Period. (pun intended)

#3: Get off of the "gay marriage ruins the sanctity of marriage" shite. When Rush Limbaugh got married for the 23rd time, the sanctity of marriage was basically gone. No one is talking about forcing churches to marry gay people, either, so stop bringing it up as a talking point.

#4: Come up with some sort of meaningful immigration reform that doesn't involve either of these two things. A) closing the borders B) sticking your fingers in your ears and refusing to come out of the corner.

I'm sure i'll think of some more, this was just a quick list, lol.

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