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Ok guys, went to my FFL this morning, filled out all the paperwork, and now waiting. The State Police is no longer accepting calls (don't want to deal with the volume) so they are making everyone fax the paperwork in and wait I shall. The Noveske lower is going to take a backseat for a while. Im looking to build the spike. I want to build a Varmint out of this one. My range is 300 yards max. Can anyone recomment an upper that is pretty well made, has a good coating (wont flake off after the first shot), is reliable, etc without breaking the bank? I know I can spend $1000-infinity on an upper, but I just want something nice for the range to have a good time and learn a thing or two. Also anything that you recommend that is MUST have (ie chromed carrier, fluted barrel, heavy/light barrel, how much twist, etc etc. I know buy cheap buy twice, so I don't want complete sh!t, but I can't spend a ton of this thing right now, and remember, Im going to need a scope too. Again, thanks for the help!
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