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Originally Posted by HiHoBrian View Post
This was posted on December 21st I think.So not really new news,just ignored facts and media insanity.

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That is not even the full video.

there is another out there, that is uncut from the chopper over the car. It shows after the guy who clears the weapon, two men in white forensic suits each grab one long gun, and walk to a trailer on site. 2 men, one gun each. Only the first one appears to grab the "shot gun". The other you cannot see so well, but both are holding long guns.

So, which is it? Is the first a shot gun, and the second the AR? Are they both ARs? Is one a shotty and the other an AK? Do we have a crime scene photo of the AR used in the killing spree? Just a question, believe what you want.

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