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Originally Posted by brew View Post
Yeah! In December it went from 60% of normal snowpack to 150% in like a week. It's been pretty cold, too. We had the same snow on the ground for 3 weeks straight - which is unusual because of all the sun. We had a really pretty white Christmas.

Love the pics of your place. That really does look like paradise.
Didn't you live in the bay for a while? Any misgivings you've had electing to live up there? I really do like the Bend area, but socially it's a bit lacking for a youngin' like myself.

Originally Posted by GRIFFIN View Post
yeah, the curly hair guy s a dick. My fiance told him to go fvck himself one of the times we were at the bar. Not sure what he said we were pretty smashed. Yeah, the montecristo is the bomb!!! I was their over christmas but dont; plan on going back til maybe Feb or March
I'd love to know what the guy did you piss ya'll off, I've never said more than a few words to him just because the asshole vibe is so strong, it's like talking to andy warhol or something.

I'll be gone most of Feb but maybe I'll see you in March, I never miss a sunday brunch.


Should I keep an eye out for a red ZHP?
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