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It's funny because so much modern abstract art is actually more about reason and expression of underlying emotion or sentiment but to me something like a Pollock is so much more about spontaneous creativity for its own sake than say the Mona Lisa. I don't for one believe that we have to have a reason to create, but ultimately even just the fulfillment of the desire to do so is in itself a reason. Everything we do has some reason even if unconscious. Purpose is not a static concept that can be completely ruled out of any stage of organic life even if just because we are aging for the purpose of... Evolution. Everything we do, even dreaming, has reason though subconcious. I think that even when we try to assert the malleable concept of id in interpreting our personal system of rationalization and reason we admit that we have rationale for everything we do even when unknowing it. Of course, conscious reason is far more assertive than subconcious, but the whole nature of reason is so intrinsically engrained into the physiological self, I do not think you can ever say reason is completely abandoned, even in sacrificing your life for some purpose. Hell, through decomposition and withdrawal from one food chain and arrival in another even in death we serve a reason like it or not. Now do I always feel compelled to deliver some explicit message through creation of art or writing, no, but in that sense even leaving it open to interpretation has a deliberate and calculated methodology. As long as we have life and even in death we serve a purpose and have reason.

Mine is to penetrate as many women as humanly possible and stay high, lol. With reproduction out of the way my true essential reason has already been realized.

I think smoking pot is the reason you launched this discussion.

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