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so many options for you
Let it go is 1 as everyone mentioned
But I also understand your rage. I think we all do. If you have the time go for it.
1. Was it a hearing or a trial? If it was a hearing, his lying may not be as much trouble as you may want/think it to be in your State. Check your state and city laws(homework #1)
2. Check to see if the cop and/or copcar had a video camera. Homework #2
3. if there was a camera, find out how you can request a copy. Homework #3
4. Were your tints legal? Don't forget that you have to add the tint PLUS 5% for your own windows(this may vary from state to state). This is important, because if you go through all the work of gathering the information from city/state, which ALL COSTS money, and your tints are illegal they will sue you for all costs plus penalties. Check local laws for this.

Another option, if your tints were legal.
If it was a hearing, ask for a trial. If you go this route, be prepared to hire a lawyer. You could represent yourself, but why would you unless you are a lawyer? The city will bring a lawyer if you get a trial.

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