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Originally Posted by seregaxyligan View Post
So I just was found guilty for excessive window tint..
So what right, you pay 200 bucks and live your life, the only problem is that when I got pulled over, that cop did not use any devises to check window tints and as he was presenting his case he lied that he wiped a window with a tissue, checked the window and it showed 23% tint.
So right after I went to see an attorney right there at DMV and he just laughed at me because it's tints and i quote he said "Just get over it".
So now I am sitting here full of rage and disappointment about our court system but still are not willing to let go this case.
Out of principles i wanna pursue that cop, because he gotta have a recording of what happened and it's gonna show that he did not do anything, and so will prove that he lied in court. (I am pretty sure cops can get in a lot of troubles for lying in court)
If anyone had a similar accidents or just knows someone who can help with with this, any information will be greatly appreciated.

The very first thing you need to do is verify whether your tints are or were legal or illegal. If they are still tinted then get your own readings done. If not then get a statement or certificate from your supplier. If they are illegal then let it go. If they are legal then get a receipt for work done and the testimony or certification from the manufacturer as proof of legality. Then by all means challenge it. If you can provide irrefutable evidence that the tints on your vehicle are or were legal then you have the cop by the balls.
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