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Originally Posted by evolved View Post
#1: Don't be the party that talks about claiming to be fiscally conservative. BE fiscally conservative. This should be the most important mantra, because they talk about fiscal conservatism a lot, and put it in action rarely.

#2: Stop talking about vaginas. Period. (pun intended)

#3: Get off of the "gay marriage ruins the sanctity of marriage" shite. When Rush Limbaugh got married for the 23rd time, the sanctity of marriage was basically gone. No one is talking about forcing churches to marry gay people, either, so stop bringing it up as a talking point.

#4: Come up with some sort of meaningful immigration reform that doesn't involve either of these two things. A) closing the borders B) sticking your fingers in your ears and refusing to come out of the corner.

I'm sure i'll think of some more, this was just a quick list, lol.
Agreed on womens' rights and gay rights.

If you think about it, the large % of angry old white males in the Republican demographic explains #2. All they've been doing for women's rights is lip-syncing and superficial political pasturing to gain women's votes. Think of Mitten's classic 'binders full of women' answer during the debate.. Does it get more obsolete than that!!? Then you have douchebags apathetic to rape and incestual conception. Truth of the matter is, the GOP is ages behind the times and they use religion to justify their medieval stance.

As far as gay right goes, it's again a medieval stance they adopt. It's got nothing to do with gay rights in particular if you break it down. It's got more to do with tolerance and individual rights. If someone wants to make a civil/social choice, he or she should be able to do so unencumbered by politics and government. That's what all of us want ultimately, and I don't see why gay rights has to be a poilitical punching bag. Again, to use religion to justify their stance is just a little ploy to cover up some natural lack of tolerance.

Originally Posted by bimmerfan08 View Post
Right because the democratic views are the end all solution to our issues. Give me a break. This is why I will not associate with a party because of people like you. Too many chiefs in this country who don't want to contribute and point fingers and not enough indians.

I'll tell you why - if you think about it, the GOP agenda was rooted in a coherent set of ideals for government at some point in history but today the GOP is reduced to a loose amalgam of political posturing connected together with the goal of winning elections.

I'm sorry, but I can't ligitimize a party that condemns an individuals' civil rights under the pretext of religion. What would be difference between the US of A and some middle-eastern religious government like Saudi Arabia where people's rights are severely curtailed in spite of being a 'democracy' on the surface?

I can't sign up to a party that does not do much more than lip service for womens' rights.

You might say that fiscal conservatism makes the GOP relevant in today's day and age, but let me remind you that George W. Bush drove the country into an economic abyss with reckless spending but Bill Clinton oversaw 8 years of record prosperity. No points there for the GOP, attaching themselves to fiscal conservatism is just another ploy IMO to attract votes.

Those are some examples why the GOP is a pile of hypocritic $hite today. If everyone subscribed to the GOP of today, we'd be a nation of gun-slinging, gay-hating, woman-marginalizing, pickup-driving middle aged white neanderthal cowboys living in the middle ages waging wars with everyone that cares to fight back. IMO the Democratic party of today has more coherent ideals designed around the maximum possible well-being of individuals with a higher degree of respect and tolerance for individual rights. America is changing, the world is changing, and the GOP is simply not in sync.

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