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Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
Now that I front squat, I don't think I could ever stop. They tax me more than back squats, and my back squat is significantly heavier. I'm also PR'ing with a 250 lb. Military Press for 4 reps.
That's a sh1t load. I have no idea what I can do but I always do standing. Is that what you do?

Originally Posted by Glight View Post
Just kind of came up with it. I dont know much about Smolov other than its high volume.

I typically think of stregnth progress coming from three things:
1. Max weight (Thursday)
2. Max reps (Tuesday / Wednesday)
3. Max speed on reps (Monday)

This program accomplishes all of those while giving you a lot of time under the bar. Recovery may be tough as you progress more weeks into it though.

We'll see how it goes. Trying new things is one of my favorite parts of lifting.
Seems like it's all covered. I do like trying different things too. Luckily everything I have been doing has been working decently. I do hate you on Wednesday and Thursday for this program though lol. I almost b1tched out last night because my garage was 10 degrees (out of kerosene) and I just didn't feel like squatting lol. So glad I manned up though.

Originally Posted by Glight View Post
I think you could try the same program with front squats but I would lower the reps to 30 every day since breathing is usually more of an issue with front squats vs back squats. 10 reps minimum rep set on Wed and 5 on Thursday
Very true. I noticed I was having a hard time getting big breaths the heavier I got since the weight just sits at the top.

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