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Originally Posted by B_Cyrus View Post
We have some intelligent people on this forum, so I ask the question: does one always need a reason? Can one create for the sake of creating without being chastised? Also think of the reasons why people ask this question, are they curious or just daft wobbo's?
This is what separates us from the lower intelligence of animals. I think this is an emergent characteristic of any significantly advanced intelligence. Our species as a whole is creative, but to further the point just look at the most intelligent examples of the species; they have all been aggressively creative. More often than not you find that the great minds were both technically as well as artistically gifted.

Originally Posted by z00 View Post
Reason and purpose are human-made subjects. There is no reason why matter, universe, or us exist. We're just here. One of the fundamental laws of physics that asymmetric void creates symmetric matter. Then you can relate the science of what I mentioned above to what Nietzsche said about mind vs body. Why we tend to find ourselves asking why questions.

In short, no.
Can you expound on that?

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