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Originally Posted by cak323i View Post
taylor, you got to remember that you were once a noob yourself....we all were. Yes, it does get frustrating on occasion when seeing similar threads pop up all the time but then that could be because people are just lazy or they just don't know how to search effectively... it doesn't help when people have the attitude "use the feature noob"...

Usually when I partake in a thread I try to be constructive, avoid name calling, and provide links to help the OP out. If anything I may make a comment regarding name calling as it is unacceptable behavior on any forum. Nothing positive comes from belittling someone. That's my take on things...
My take on things is different. You only encourage more repetitive posts which makes searching frustrating by answering these noobs questions rather than directing them to search for the answer. If someone didn't search first, then they should feel a little bit of shame when its pointed out. I'm OK with that, I'm not part of the "coddle" generation.

It also leads to problems where the informed members stop answering questions. If I logon and see 10 threads, 9 of which are repetitive crap, I am less inclined to look at the 10th thread which could maybe benefit from my expertise.

Less is more. This thread should be deleted, or at least moved out of this section.
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