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Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
This is what separates us from the lower intelligence of animals. I think this is an emergent characteristic of any significantly advanced intelligence. Our species as a whole is creative, but to further the point just look at the most intelligent examples of the species; they have all been aggressively creative. More often than not you find that the great minds were both technically as well as artistically gifted.

Can you expound on that?
I completely disagree with this concept and think it grossly overstates the intelligence of humans and innate differences from other animals, but mammals in particular. Just as a semi-conscious and thoroughly retarded cow walks out of its barn each day to eat, ****, repeat then sleep we too go about our process of fitting into our environment and consuming whatever is in our path. Cows have the same free will they just lack cognitive ability. Sure we can discover America, but that was a mathematical certainty that eventually someone would given growing population, not some divine realization of creativity. We can invent a rocket and go to the moon, same story. How do we know that the most intelligent members of the human race went on to great things in terms of creativity, perhaps the smartest played dumb a stayed home and did nothing, saving themselves from the work itself and being forced to explain their reasoning! The concept of reason is merely our self created rationale for the decision we make in living out our lifespan. Some choose to create, others do not... they each have their own reasons, personal and environment driven. Everythin we do we do because we have to or want to do it versus holding our breath and dying or not eating and starving to death. Reason is our will to live. Our internal compass; we can pretend t detach ourselves from it and say we drift in nature's waves but even that is a conscious decision.... without reason we do not do anything.

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