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Wow, seeing as how this thread cam back to life, I feel obliged to deliver results.

I went for an H&R cupkit, a matched spring/shock package. I recently added hotchkis sway bars on top of that, so I definitely got the handling feel I was looking for It's not a technically ideal setup but damn it feels good.

My advice to anyone asking the question I was asking a year ago in the OP is this: springs and shocks must be tuned together to manage weight transfer and body roll effectively. If you simply get lowering springs (which are usually slightly stiffer, little lower) you may perceive a benefit in handling due to the stiffer feel of the car. The truth, however, is that the car will probably be oversprung, which can cause excessive body motion and oscillation compared to the OE setup. An oversprung suspension is also less effective in controlling weight transfer- bad handling.

Ultimately, I am of the opinion that, yes, one can run "sport" springs on OE shocks if the drop is mild. One wouldn't want to- real benefits in handling are gained when the suspension components are tuned and dialed-in together. Please consider a matched spring/shock package. Or, if you just want more responsiveness and reduced body roll, go for sport sway bars! ( just remember that stiffer sway bars actually increase weight transfer to the outside wheels and reduce total grip).

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