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The "entire rebuild" consisted of a new ps fluid reservoir, a new luk-30 power steering pump, the hight pressure hose, reservoir to cooling hose, and the reservoir to pump hose.
Now I couldn't quite narrow down what component caused the failure, but I have an idea. My ps fluid was very, very dirty and this most likely clogged up the filter in the reservoir. This would keep additional fluid from being pulled into the system when the wheel is turned, creating a lot of pressure in the hoses, probably pinching them shut.
That being said, I also had a leak/crack in one of the hoses so there was probably air in my system as well.
The poor/zero circulation and air in the system undoubtedly harmed the pump.
I don't know the freezing point of ATF but if yours saw an increase in viscosity from the cold, could have the same effect as a plugged filter? Maybe?

Honestly, if I could have nailed down the problem precisely, I would have just replaced the one bad component. But I opted for the shotgun approach lol
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