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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Now, now, taylor, mystert was just using reductio ad absurdum...I thought pretty well! lol

99% of our cars are really the same...same as 99% of all cars. When I got more active here and Gheybe was lobbying for his Vert Forum, I objected just because of that fact...that we'd all be better served being in the same place, collecting more information than maybe we want, but at least getting what we want.

On any particular day, there will be 200+ easily in the General Forum, and maybe 15-50 at best in the sub-forums (except OT, of course!).

I don't think we need Lighting, Suspension, Performance as separate places. Being together more benefits us all. The noobs and OGs alike could learn more from such a single forum talking about 'all things auto.' (FI is a different animal, though, so I'm sure it deserves its special home) But I've seen very few issues that are that unique to the 'normal' e46, including M, vert, coupe.
true the subforum isnt as robust and populated like general where most if not all questions get answered.

But its nice to have a little special hangout where I know certain people who devote themselves to multiple m3 forums lurk and exist.

And I find it conforting to find purists and people non purist m3 lovers in this forum. Both sides gravitate to each their sides, but I like diversity.

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