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Originally Posted by B_Cyrus View Post
I came here by accident. Dmax tricked me with naked pictures and stupid funny sh!t.
Then he raped the senses and left me crying on the floor.
Then he held me, told me it would be ok.
I can't believe we've trusted dmax.
There's another that trusts me?

Go back, Billy Ray, to the dawn of'll see repeated admonitions from me not to trust me.

Have you read any of my posts? How many different ways do I need to illustrate that you shouldn't trust me? This one, the Furrie One, some here believe I've done actual stand-up comedy (like I could be funny?).

Mango gets a fn commercial, and I get diddley. When I read of that, I knew karma has left and nothing but ennui bordering on angst is left for me.

I get a fn light with beagle mounting croc silhouette? A legacy it's hard to live down to!

How you doing, Billy? You enjoying school and life in the midwest? You must stand out there a bit...hoping you're using that with the ladies!
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