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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Now, now, taylor, mystert was just using reductio ad absurdum...I thought pretty well! lol
If he had written it with the same humour you did I'd been inclined to let it go with a

Originally Posted by dmax View Post
99% of our cars are really the same...same as 99% of all cars. When I got more active here and Gheybe was lobbying for his Vert Forum, I objected just because of that fact...that we'd all be better served being in the same place, collecting more information than maybe we want, but at least getting what we want.

On any particular day, there will be 200+ easily in the General Forum, and maybe 15-50 at best in the sub-forums (except OT, of course!).
I like having the separate Vert forum, and I like having fewer threads in sub forms, I'll explain why:

My top is currently broken, main hydraulic cylinder leaked. I searched to find anyone on any forum that had replaced the main hydraulic cylinders - with no luck. So I started a thread looking for help and documenting my progress so the next person who is stuck in a similar situation has the help they need.

Unfortunately that thread gets buried by the "CSL trunk", "plastidip" and other useless threads that have been discussed ad nauseum and should be moved to the general forum or just deleted. If someone who happens to have any info checks the Vert section one day, my thread is so buried I'm unlikely to get help, or there's so much crap they are less likely to search and find it.

Less is more, especially for technical discussion, which I assume what the specialty sub forums are for.
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