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Originally Posted by bostonsc4 View Post
Great work man. My fvcking spotter failed miserably and almost let me drop 185 on myself benching cause he was watching TV and I strained my neck and shoulder.... Pissed. Especially with my pull up contest coming up haha
I had a kid at my gym do this to me twice during one workout. I was going for 1rm in back squat. The first time the bar went off my back and basically steamrolled me. The next time I had a trainer on one side of the bar and said guy on the other. Bad spotter man didn't lift when I got stuck in the hole until everyone in the gym started screaming at him. He then pulled up just enough for me to jump out from under and then he let go and the bar came crashing down. To this day I'm not sure if the guy is just dumb or was being an asshole

Hope you're ok man. Situations like this are scary
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