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- Americans that are poor have to live off handouts
What are they going to live off of then if they can't afford the basics of life (food, shelter, healthcare)?

- As a result the poor will vote for those offering more handouts
Perhaps they aren't voting for "handouts," as you so disparagingly call them, but a temporary hand up that will allow them to better themselves and attain greater wealth and self sufficiency.

- Democrats offer more handouts
See "hand up" above.

- Poor vote democrat
Because they understand who's policies are offering them a substantive support in times of need and a real hand up rather than a vague and increasingly empty "trickle down" hope and promise.

It annoys me that it is the assumption that the general public on the lower end of the financial end of the scale think in that fashion. I vote on PRINCIPLE and fundamental core BELIEFS regarding what is better for AMERICA... NOT MYSELF. I'd like to think there are other like minded individuals that can vote for things other than what benefits their pocket.
Perhaps they don't think in that disdainful fashion, seeing the various social services and supports as "hand outs," but rather as important social nets and supports to allow them to move up and become more productive and contributing members of our society. Given that perspective, they are voting out of principal rather than callous self-centeredness and believe those social programs and supports are better for America more broadly and in the longer term.

Would you, with similar callousness, consider upper income people voting for lower tax rates for themselves simply also to be acting out of self-centered greed to line their own pockets too? Or do such cynical motivations whither away above a certain net worth?

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