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With equal rights come equal responsibilities and burdens.

Why shouldn't women be expected to shoulder the burdens of combat any more or less than men? Are the lives of our sons and brothers any less or any more dear than the lives of our daughters and sisters?

Many/most of the same arguments regarding unit cohesion and combat readiness were also made regarding integrating blacks fully into the military. Were there issues in that transition? Yes, but the answer wasn't to re-segregate the military. Should this occur in a deliberate, careful yet forward-moving fashion? Of course. Should women in combat roles meet the same objective standards and criteria as men? Absolutely. The biggest problem with that seems not to be the women, but rather, the men (see high rates of sexual abuse and assault against their fellow women soldiers in arms). If there are problems, I would focus on the men.

As mentioned though, in reality and in today's "wars," women have effectively if quietly already been in combat roles for many years now. A telling quote from an NPR story:
"And Lt. Col. Juanita Chang told Blake that since he was interviewing her about women in combat, 'please make sure you focus in on my combat action badge, which is right here.'"

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