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Originally Posted by LittleBear View Post
Yo OP,
Look, many cops suck. Accept it, and don't do anything that will attract attention or make you stand out (except for a little speeding!), & be nice to them, especially if you aren't a clean looking white guy like in the pic below. But even then....
I got pulled a couple of years ago on the TSP by a statie. He probably thought I was speeding but didn't get me on radar because I was blocked by another car. So he gave me a ticket for no license plate lights. I asked if I could look, the lights were on, & he said, "you must have just done that...." I went to court & he didn't show.
I also got pulled once for tinted windows & I have only the stock BMW tint. After he eyeballed my car thoroughly in & out, he let me go.
Don't have beer bottles rattling around in your car, don't let it smell like bacalola, and if you have a bag inside, have it zipped or closed, otherwise they can check it.
In NYC Bloomburg has put out a directive that all cops have to appear for ticket hearings, so you won't find many cops not showing.
Upstate, if you get a speeding ticket, go to court, even by yourself. If they find you guilty of speeding under some circumstances (state road? by a statie? I forget), the fine money goes to the state. If the town judge reduces your charge to a parking ticket or whatever (like with me this fall), the money you pay might be similar, but the money will go to the town & you will get no points on your license.

i love your pictures. i'm sure that picture has a backstory. did you go kayaking with your dog?!
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