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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
That's true, but because of lack of viewers, you get lack of knowledge, and your thread gets buried and you don't get help. If there wasn't a vert forum, there'd be 1,000 people or more seeing it daily and your odds of getting help increases...maybe?
Maybe? No.

My GF owns a Volvo XC70. There's a Volvo XC forum, gets very little traffic, yet what traffic it does get is from very knowledgeable people so it is filled with tons of great info that's easy to find. It also benefits from the lack of "wheels", "white LEDs", "plastidip", ... type threads cause Volvo owners just don't bother with that crap.

It is far easier for me to find good info on her car than mine, despite there being numerous forums for the e46 and e46 M3 cause I have to weed through so much crap. Plus when I do need help with her car I find the replies are better quality.

I rest my case:
What a dumb thread, it should be deleted.

Anyways I am being a bit harsh. I do like this forum, especially the Vert and Canada section - yet otherwise I tend to get most of my info from M3F, there's more knowledge there than here.

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