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Originally Posted by pythonis View Post
Hey all,

How you all been? thats good! oh thats a shame sir. I hope you have enjoyed that miss.

Now that pleasantries are out of the way, Its been a while, and I think we need to gather the information that has been floating about the interwebs for a while. I know that a lot of you will read the title and tell me to google it, But the only decent posts are a couple years old, and I think that in that time we might have some more products available that we didnt have before, maybe cheaper better products, or maybe just someone who figured out a way to do it better than someone else.

So to kick things off:

The simplest way to get some power (though not most cost affective or cheap)


apparently getting 100hp (74kw) and 80 ftlbs (108nm) at only 6psi, which compared to other turbo units on say a wrx which runs at 15-20psi this probably wont destroy the engine as quickly as bolting a high psi turbo or supercharger to it. of course this is a very hardcore part (compared to people changing air filters which I will let someone else see if they can prove a cold air intake is better than a stock one)

so yeah, Throw up your ideas and hopefully this will gather some of the newer products (as well as the old faithful ones)

What happened to maybe getting a Mazda in 2 years?
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