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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
I give you much credit for going on video. Like anything else on video, it opens you up for criticism, so the thin-skinned needn't apply. With that said, I'd really like to see you perform full reps at a Gold's gym or something.

As for Jeremy going on camera......ehhhhhh.....him, Glight and DylloS are pretty much the only guys who go on camera regularly around here, so I don't know that your statement was/is applicable.

P.S. I hate doing pull-ups with bent knees. In fact, I do LESS with bent knees or any lower body involvement. It's probably mental, but I probably can't pull 20+ non-strict, and I sure as hell won't/can't reach my PR of 35 with bent knees. If I'm not straight, I'm's like kryptonite. I think it has to do with the fact that I tighten my entire posterior chain when I perform pull-ups (..which is part of the reason why I cross my legs; the other is that it ensures that I remain straight), and that tightening of the chain also engages my entire back.
Originally Posted by Qwel on "Manhattan Project"
You heard of me.....burgandy and outlines like murder scenes; Germany..took ferns and flat whites for blurring greens.

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