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Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
I give you much credit for going on video. Like anything else on video, it opens you up for criticism, so the thin-skinned needn't apply. With that said, I'd really like to see you perform full reps at a Gold's gym or something.

As for Jeremy going on camera......ehhhhhh.....him, Glight and DylloS are pretty much the only guys who go on camera regularly around here, so I don't know that your statement was/is applicable.

P.S. I hate doing pull-ups with bent knees. In fact, I do LESS with bent knees or any lower body involvement. It's probably mental, but I probably can't pull 20+ non-strict, and I sure as hell won't/can't reach my PR of 35 with bent knees. If I'm not straight, I'm's like kryptonite.
Fair enough. And I agree that bent knees make it a good bit harder. It's probably because its just another thing for your core muscle groups to engage.

So ill certainly do another go at golds and try for a bit more of a hang. I think the other issue is how wide-grip I had to do it as there wasn't any adjustment in the cheap setup they have in my apartment building.. And like was said, the wider you go, the harder it gets.

Regarding you know who, I don't think anyone would look at the above comments from the push-up thread and consider them encouraging or even reasonably respectful. We are all in here for self improvement and encouragement so I personally don't think that type of commentary is ever needed. Constructive criticism is welcome and yours is much appreciated as you obviously know your stuff... But the above definitely isn't constructive by any means.

Ill be back for another go

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