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Ok, here's the real deal.

Phillips HID Bulbs
85122 - original HID bulbs from Phillips. The color temp was 4100-4200k.
85122+ - improved HID bulbs. Color temp 4300k
85122c1 - Extreme blue/white light- 4,000 K (I think their color temp is a misprint as that temp is closer to yellow than blue)
85122cm - color temp 5000k (color matched)
85122cv - replaces the "cm" (crystal vision)
85122cx- same as "cv"
85122wx - color temp 6000k (ultinon)

NOTE: Phillips removed the "+" from the bulbs. Now all XENON D2 HID bulbs are 85122 unless it's a specialty bulb. ie., 85122wx
I've also seen a few 85122c1 without the "c1" identifier printed on them.

Buy your bulbs from a reliable source. There is a knock-off company that produces extremely close replicas of the phillips / osram bulbs.
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