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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
Hang on there a second.. I just picked up an AR and have been pro-gun on this from the get go.

What I heard Biden say though was that he's more concerned with magazine size than he is so called assault rifles... And while I think banning them won't solve a damn thing, I at least think that position has merit.. The anti AR position is the one that is nuts
You misunderstood me. I said Biden supports the ban. He was head of the study to find a solution. He had all the power in the world to tell Feinstein that Assault weapons are not the problem, and go for a magazine ban, but instead he didn't.

Fast forward to the video, where he states that Assault rifles are not a big part of crime, and that banning them will do nothing... It is the magazines he is worried about.

So, why go after something that is not the problem? He messed up, stating they were not the problem, and we have him on record saying as such. I can understand trying to limit mag size as an end to justify the means, but I don't agree with it.

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