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Originally Posted by M3 2 NV View Post
Wouldn't the LQ9 be better since its a bit higher compression...and even better yet a LS6 block that is aluminum as opposed to cast iron to help in the weight department Iron block isn't needed unless you're putting a couple snails or giggle juice on it making huge power, IMHO.

Regarding the Holley auto tune stuff, i don't think it is as simple as build your motor plug it in and away you go. I've been dealing with LSX engines for 10 years. I have a LS1 & 700R4 in my TJ and a LS6 & T56 & 8.8 in my FD RX-7 and a LQ9 for . I use HP Tuners for both and got both of my harnesses from Howell Engine Developments, there are a lot of options out there for complete plug and play harnesses (which means you need to hook up 4 wires).

Love the LS series engines. Its pretty crazy when you yank a 38" tire 12" off the ground
Holley auto tune you enter in your modifications and it does the rest: read up on it- its full can bus and increibly smart. Japan had a product like this in the 90's called apexi power fc: it was like a game boy and even had options for popular modifications all built in (4 different air intake options etc)

I grew up in Detroit and have been around american muscle as long as anyone else

The hot setup due to cost/avail at least here in nor cal is lq engine + whatever heads you like brand new and whatever cam you desire

My client here running holley auto tune also has a ls7 fd3s (900rwhp turbo). Another with ls7 e36m has a na 800rwhp lsx fd3s.

Id be guessing you will probably think pretty similar to him if you really look into the holley product - its that impressive. Cab bus full modern control in a box for you!

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