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Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post

Passing standard for an 18 year old male on the APFT: 42 push-ups, 15:54 2 mile run.

18 year old female? 19 push-ups, 18:54 2 mile run.

That's the bare minimum standard to be in the army.
This. However I believe in this grand social experiment that when the desired effects aren't immediately received, it will lead to a lowering of standards. Desegregation was brought up earlier in this thread but there is no comparison. This is not the same as allowing blacks to serve, this is denying that there are differences in men and women. There are. Not just in the plumbing department but other aspects of life as well. Men are wired differently. I'm not bashing women, I'm just sayin.

On a personal level, I think it's contemptible that we find it appropriate to send women to fight our wars.

I look forward to watching Ndamukong Suh plow into a woman on the field and kick her in the crotch. Equality for all, right?

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