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Originally Posted by sadpanda03 View Post

The way I see it is, he cut bigger holes in my door for the same price quoted for fiberglass pods...

Sucks about your motor.
Are you nearing completion on the project? Any pictures along the way or are you having a shop do the swap?

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Yeah, that's what I was thinking about the big holes in the door panels. That install reminds me of an install school in NJ that I tried out. I didn't learn anything from the "teachers".

A lot of people in the class basically memorized a book and then got their MECP certification. But what the h*ll is the point of a certification when you don't know squat?

That is why I would NEVER let a Best Buy or similar shop touch the car. Sorry about the rant, but that's what that out of place speaker placement reminds me of. My inexperienced classmates.

My swap was due to start last week, but I'm a bit confused about which way to go with the exhaust. I never knew that there was a difference with the wheel wells between the 3 series and the M.

Once I figure this out, then a friend of mine will be doing this at his shop. He's not a BMW "specialist", but he's confident that there will be no problems. I have complete trust in him, so that's not an issue. If something were to go wrong, he would sort it out. And yes... I will be taking pictures throughout the process.

Originally Posted by sadpanda03 View Post
I plan to wrap my woodgrain in 3m gloss black. So it will match those speaker rings and hopefully look a little better

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I want to hear a story about you choking this dude out for F'ng up your door panels. Then I can call you mad panda.

But seriosly bro... why don't you make them fix that first? If your car is Black, then I could see wrapping or painting the trim to match. Don't do it to match something that you are not happy with though. Just my opinion personally.
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