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Originally Posted by mdyaman View Post
Oh I agree with you, a standard is a standard. However, part of the debate is that men are physically better equipped to handle certain exercises than women. That said, I read on the Marine Corps Times that the DOD is allowing the services the time to conduct studies and an analysis to look into gender neutral exercises, something both men and women can do without an unfair advantage towards men. One that comes to mind is pull ups. But I think now the Marines have changed their policy and women Marines who did arm hangs previously are now required to do pull ups - but perhaps not required to do them to the same max/min scale (not sure).
You've obviously served, so you would know better than me. Would or could a weaker/slower person be a liability or a threat to your safety on the battle field? I'm all for equal opportunity, but I would hate to see people's lives compromised due to an effort to make people feel better.

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