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Found a local jdm club, they were... to put this simply, rather rude So I have to decide to either keep the bimmer for longer than 2 years and get it over 300hp (224kw) with mods; orrrrr get a new car. I mean I love the cosmo as a car, A mate of my dads has been in one and he says they're pretty awesome, but if the jdm community (or hopefully its only the one up here) is going to be as rude as they were im a bit hesitant to be part of that crowed that and I hear porsche 930s are getting cheaper to rebuild. aaand in 2 years E46s might go down another 10 grand? I dunno, Just making plans

Oh~! another way for cheap to get more power out of the 323ci is to reset the computer, drive on less than half a tank of fuel and get it serviced!

~ Pythonis
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