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Originally Posted by cpnardi View Post
N. Korea would be stupid to launch any nuclear missiles...They'd be wiped out instantly (just look at the US and USSR during the cold war-'Mutally Assured Destruction'). I think they're more likely to just invade S. Korea.
Certainly they would be dumb to do it. And yes they would be wiped out but you know when you're so mad at something you just want to make a dent in it? Sometimes you don't think of the consequences. It's a bad analogy but they are apparently very hateful of US, which could be completely blinding them of the real repercussions of their actions in all this. And a nuke going off in DC or New York, I doubt would effect me much here in TX but it would certainly decimate a lot of the northeast and of course the after-effects of such a bomb.

We should be worried that that government (not its people as previously pointed out) may actually be suicidal or thinking themselves martyrs for being the only to nuke America and go into history. It's a concern. But I won't lose any sleep haha.
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