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Originally Posted by z00 View Post
Details bro, volume? What to increase in this?

DB Bench Press - 2 set of 65lbs X 7 and 1 x 6 70lbs
Incline DB Press - 1 x 6 65lbs, 2 x 7 60lbs

Dips 1 x 12, 1 x 10 with 40lbs, 1 x 9 with 35lbs
Pushups 1 x 8, 1 x 6 with 40lbs, 1 x 5 with 35lbs

high Cable flies 3 x 10 40lbs each handle


I'll swap flat DB press to barbell, but I won't lift as heavy as I don't have a spotter.
Try something like...

Flat bench - 5 sets/varying weight
Incline bench superset with
Incline DB - 5 sets/varying weight
Cable flies - 5 sets/varying weight
Dips - 5 sets varying weight

Try to get at least 40-50 reps (..not including warm-up sets ) during each of those 5 sets per exercise. Increase your time under tension. Force your body to grow and adapt. Right now you're getting 40 total reps over two press exercises. NOT ENOUGH!!! You'll get 80-100 reps over the course of your press workout by adding volume. Huge difference!
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