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Originally Posted by kaput View Post
Did it ever occur to you that the situation was ideal at the time, but after thinking about it he changed his mind and decided to fix it?

Or are left wingers only allowed to do this? Kerry voting for it before he voted against it comes to mind. Billary said the same thing, at the same podium years apart wearing almost the same thing. It is political pandering, and BOTH sides do it more and more. And the blind followers of both sides eat it up everyday, more and more as elections get closer.
No. It has nothing to do with changing his mind. It has to do with Paul's father paying into a system which others use for a lifetime but Paul Ryan was only awarded 2 years...It is a scam.

Had the SS payments been placed anywhere else besides the government, Paul Ryan could had drawn on that money much longer than 2 years. Instead Paul's father got 2 years and the rest of his payments went to someone else.
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