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Originally Posted by BMW_Knight View Post
I am AA Stage 2 335.1 at 6000 RPMs I am going to do Meth injection and eventually FI Cams.

So if you calculate normal drive train loss I am around 385 at the crank. So I hope after Meth and cams I can do a pull to 6800-7000 for a more accurate number.
not bad. Whats your timing table like? must be very conservative? I'm only running 13-14 up top, so I have a gap to play with to be safe (plus if I get crappy gas, I wont have to worry)

I wouldn't worry about meth, if you have a decent tune, something in your engine, or clutch/auto trans will give before you'd need meth. (assuming your running a good sized FMIC)

Also our intake mani's are horrible for meth (meth puddles behind the throttle body, and can give AFR errors), unless you install a nozzle for each runner.
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