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Originally Posted by CharlieFoxtrot View Post
I've got 125K on my 330CiC, stone stock, southern car. I measured the ride height as instructed in the Bentley manual and found 3 corners about 1/4" lower than the lowest tolerance in the spec. One corner was still within spec. My point is, springs may sag without a ton of miles and without environmental damage. That said, other than dragging a few speed bumps, I don't have a problem with the height and was still able to get the car aligned to spec. Oh, and stock rear springs are about $125 ea. I didn't check the price for fronts.
What dimension are you referring to when you talk about ride height? From what start point to what end point are you measuring? The only meaningful dimension would be from center of wheel to wheel arch apex and that's not easy to measure with any degree of accuracy. The shock itself offers no support to the suspension. Its just a damper.

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